It's easier for me to get closer to heaven, than to ever feel whole again

Sabrina Horak

Color Pencil on Paper Collage

9.8 x 13.9 in

About the Work :: Sabrina Horak uses elements taken from scenes of people sunbathing claiming, it’s probably not rare to associate an escape to a tropical island with this theme. Of the work she says: “Those serene scenes are broken down-the shining, pink bodies are intertwining, lose body parts are disrupting a symmetric composition, that is connected to the Mandalas of the Buddhist Pure Land Sect. A Paradise that has many layers, if you look beneath its surface”. The notion of separation from her surroundings and disconnection from other people has been prevalent her whole life, experiencing life as a minority- in regards of racial background, religious beliefs, and choice of career. But she believes that this acts as a fuel to her art making. Through manifesting her thoughts and ideas in physical artworks she feels like she is actually a part of this world she is living in. It connects her to all levels of existence, transcending her perceived separation from this world.