Scene 3

Ramon Keimig

Ditigal Drawing, Laser Print on Paper, 1 of 1

42 x 29.7 cm

About the Work :: Ramon Keimig's new digital drawings show imagined exhibition spaces, fictional works of art and performances that defy clear interpretation. These two-dimensional works use paper to simulate installations, painting, sculptural and ritualistic working methods. His work is dedicated to the field of visual experimentation, self-sampling, and exploring the limits of the artist’s own formal language. Through the formal process, Ramon Keimig iteratively negotiates psychic conditions with his environment. The imagery oscillates between figuration and abstraction, both digital and analog, to explore simulated, subcultural codes and scratches on reality itself. Vibrating between a futuristic approach and gloomy nostalgia, his artistic practice is a cycle of observation, processing and remix. With his current approach, he is very concerned with the present: meaning is uncovered throughout the process.