Ancestral Waters

Kimia Amini

Acrylic on Canvas

70 x 80 cm

About the Work :: “I see creation as an investigation of life, an act of digestion of your experience. In the act of creation, in the process and trance state of being submerged in your inner world, deeper knowledge is revealed to the self and one is able to transport this knowledge. The artwork is a result of this process, of traversing through the work into the self as a personal portal. The signs that led to the journey are what is left, and what is left to be deciphered." My works are a diary of experience, of the physical, mental and emotional states encountered. Throughout a lifetime, images come to the surface and a visual language is constructed. The symbology becomes your true mother tongue, and when those symbols encounter the archetypal, the work transcends from the personal into the universal, and allows for the sharing of the human experience.”