Earman 3

Peter McRury

Acrylic on Canvas

28 x 20 in

About the Work :: “The paintings, when viewed in sequence, share a common feeling of psychological force because of their shared features, and the features that thread them together blur who’s who, giving them all a strange sort of collective identity. When I paint I’m usually working towards something visually quiet, focused, and compositionally minimal rather than towards a scene or a narrative. I’m primarily interested in exploring new ways to represent the figure (mostly the face) with the assistance of digital tools. The time I spend creating my work is evenly split between the act of painting itself, mainly with an airbrush, and an iterative process of photographing works-in-progress and using photoshop to layer the photographs with elements of previous works in order to create new reference material. With this as the groundwork of my practice, I can never visualize how my paintings will turn out when I start working, but they often retain elements of my previous works as they evolve in a self-referential cycle.”