Lady Bug Bite

Vyczie Dorado

Acrylic, Pastel, Graphite, Colored Pencil and Felt on Canvas

47 x 47 in

About the Work :: Being immunocompromised, Vyczie explores the idea of hereditary illness and the concept of a biological “heirloom” as a consistent characteristic within her work. Now, with the introduction of COVID as of early 2019, this exploration has shifted into a broader concept of the representation of the internally handicapped body in relation to the gallery space. By exhibiting these disabled persons in a ranging field of themes from mundane moments to relationships of longing, the dynamic of aimlessly drifting in thoughts work to bridge the subject of the artwork to the viewer. These genderless, nondescript vessels become avatars for the viewer and exist on the cusp of fiction and reality as they simultaneously experience the pandemic as one.