Mapping Veins (2)

Sophie Crichton

Acrylic, Spray, Pencil and Pen on Canvas

15” x 11”

About the Work :: Sophie Crichton is an abstract painter from Toronto, currently living and working in Barcelona. Her works are a visual manifestation of experience, interaction with urban environments, and an awareness of urban pop culture. Working with mixed media, her works adopt an offbeat aesthetic. Embracing the line between accident and intent, she approaches her work with an intuitive raw energy characterised by expressive mark making, graphic line work and bold colours. Absorbing the seemingly mundane traces of everyday life, she manifests her experience with the unrest of mark making, brushstrokes and frenetic lines on canvas, all reminiscent of the city - tangled wires, graffiti, the faded hint of a neon sign. The works are imbued with her collection of subconscious data, moments and memories, fragments of conversations and the stimuli of a city. The process of decay and renewal, like the patina of urban environments, evident as she applies and takes away through layered surfaces.”